Real, Hybrid and Digital


Supporting the development of creative concepts by introducing innovative thinking, user experience, new technologies, feasibility studies and drafting the first cost assessments.


Problem solving, cost breakdowns, execution planning and supplier inquiries – all focused on the concept at hand for the perfect interpretation of the idea.


Invitations to tender, supplier management and production supervision with one eye on quality and costs. And with the goal of ensuring the best results through teamwork.


Assuming all production processes, commissioning and supplier responsibilities – one final product, on time and from one provider.


    Transparent, frameless, sliding touchscreen.

    Development of an invisible touch sensor for LG55ew5f, without changing the great design of the tOLED. Using leading PCAP (projected capacitive touch) touch technology instead of IR (infrared touch). Prepared for interactive exhibits, various signage and presentation installations. Optioned with AR sliding technology.